Hello Lilypad Arduino!

After tinkering with some stitchable LED’s or soft circuits, I decided to move on to something a bit more serious — the Lilypad Arduino.  This beautiful microcontroller was designed to be used in textile arts by one of my faves, Leah Buechley.  Notice the red gizmo?  That device allows it to connect by USB to a computer to utilize a software called Arduino, which is C based for fellow geeks.  Arduino has many programs stored in a library, and the one you see running now is called “blink”.  It’s making the LED turn on and off.  Yes, this is exciting stuff!  As long as the unit receives power, the program is stored.  That means you are free to stitch this baby into a dress sans cord.  However, for my first project, I have something different in mind.  Like the geisha I am, I do not wish to reveal all my knowledge at once.  So, you will have to be patient as I unravel the threads (hint).  Notice the wood slab?  It’s important to work with electronics on a surface that will not create a static charge, and since I enjoy cooking, I decided to use an old cutting board.  I think it’s a nice female touch.


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