FairyFinalMy journey into tech art started with Wired Magazine and their NextFest. I was surrounded by amazing robots and interactive art.  I found myself enthralled by things that light up and go beep. After that, I was lucky enough to stumble across an art tech group in Philadelphia called The Hacktory. I remember taking my first class on LED “throwies”, and then another doing a chocolate mold that was created with a vacuum press, and finally a basic class on Arduino microcontrollers. Eventually I taught my own class on soft circuits, which led to more teaching, more learning and more hackerspaces.  If you had asked me five years ago if I’d ever consider a career in electronics, I would have laughed at you.  Now, I can’t get enough of it.  The attraction is witnessing people interacting with art and sharing their experiences.  We live in a hurried time where moments are lost in a mind jumble.  If my art can stop someone and allow them to be present even for a moment, then I’ve done my work.

During the day I create videos for nonprofits with my husband.  Having our own business strangely helps to simplify my life.  My free time is spent doing hiking, birding, camping, vegan cooking, and Zen Buddhism.  Yes, I’m a huge Big Bang Theory fan, yes, I love Star Wars,  and my dog is a cute Italian Greyhound.

Interested in a workshop or collaboration?  Chat with me here

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